Lynsey Chutel

Lynsey Chutel

I'm a multimedia journalist.

I am reporter for Quartz, covering Africa in the 21st century, touching on technology, gender and politics. I've been a correspondent with the AP, a TV producer & blogged about African pop culture.

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Online Retail in Africa

There have been a number of new entrants to the market in the last few years, which is fantastic because the more players there are, the more innovation there will be, and the more reasons people will have to enjoy the benefits of shopping online.

The business of family - supporting successful busineswomen

Today, Wonder Woman would be wearing a business suit, multitask- ing her way through the corporate world with a personal digital assistant. But even she would probably buckle under the pressure.

An eye for print and an instinct for business

Without deliberate design, Maria McCloy has been a pioneer throughout much of her career. “People reading your magazine would probably cringe, but there are no spreadsheets and I don’t have a business plan. I just do it.”

Harvesting Change

In landlocked Zimbabwe, young farmer Charlene Mathonsi turns to flower exports to save her family's ailing farm, in an agricultural industry struggling to recover from political upheaval.

Turning textile trends into an online trading empire

Trademarking the humble kanga, however, may prove to be more difficult. African fashion may be a burgeon- ing trade but dismissing it as a cottage industry would be a mistake. Prized beyond designers’ ability to repurpose customary cloths in modern shapes, the continent’s textile industry is worth $400 billion. And it is expected to grow by 25% come 2020.