Lynsey Chutel

Lynsey Chutel

I'm a multimedia journalist.

I am reporter for Quartz, covering Africa in the 21st century, touching on technology, gender and politics. I've been a correspondent with the AP, a TV producer & blogged about African pop culture.

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Africa 360 : Can small businesses be competitive?

Competitiveness has become a buzzword among economists and analysts but how do we make the concept relevant to small businesses?

Republic of rape image article

Republic of Rape?

What makes a man rape? Why is rape and sexual violence so prevalent in South Africa? These are some of the questions Republic of Rape explores.

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eNews Africa : Protests ahead of Obama visit

As US President Barack Obama heads to South Africa as part of his state visit to several African nations, the country's influential trade unit movement is determined to protest what they call the American Presidents human rights violations.

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eNews Africa : Praying for a peaceful poll

As Zanu-PF and the MDC-T gear up for the final campaigning weekend before Zimbabweans go to the polls, communities outside Harare pray for peace in an already tense election.

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eNews Africa : AU 2063: The next generation and the next fifty years of the African Union - YouTube

As the African Union celebrates fifty years on the continent, it's already begun to set the agenda for the next fifty years, but do young people have stake in Vision 2063? Africa 360 producer Lynsey Chutel spoke to the next generation of Africa's leaders about their hopes and disappointments.

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eNews Africa : Voices - Zimbabwean business owners voice their fears over the 2013 election

Just days before Zimbabweans cast their ballots, business owners in Harare have seen a dwindling number of customers. It may be the end of the month, but Zimbabweans are tight-fisted ahead of political uncertainty.

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eNews Africa : Beginning with birth registrations

While African leaders plot the next fifty years of the African Union, securing the next generation's success begins with a task as simple as birth registration. But what should be a right for many children has become a bureaucratic privilege.

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Africa 360 : Investing in Africa

Would you invest your money in Africa? Africa 360 looks at what it takes to make money in Africa.
As markets move from minerals to manufacturing can we turn Africa Rising into Africa Earning? (Episode produced by Lynsey Chutel)

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Africa 360 : Ashish Thakkar - Africa's youngest billionaire

From high school drop-out to Africa's youngest billionaire - at 32 Ashish Thakkar is not only a maverick businessman but also the future of entrepreneurship in Africa. Africa 360 producer Lynsey Chutel picked his brain.

Open uri20140314 10119 lorc1p article

Africa 360 : Gay Rights in Africa

As Nigeria passes a law prohibiting gay rights it becomes yet another state cracking down on gay Africans. Are gay rights falling pray to political distraction? Acclaimed Kenyan author Binyavanga Wainaina weighs in. (Episode produced by Lynsey Chutel)

Drc retouch article

Africa 360: Instability in the DRC

Johannesburg, 7 September -- The UN has deployed one of its largest forces to the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, yet instability continues. Producer Lynsey Chutel talks to the key players as this week's show looks at what the chances of success for the UN intervention in the DRC.
(Episode produced by Lynsey Chutel)

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Africa 360: Zimbabwe Special -

Johannesburg, 20 July -- As Zimbabwe approaches the 2013 General Election, producer Lynsey Chutel looks at how Robert Mugabe's regime has shaped one ordinary man's life.
(Episode produced by Lynsey Chutel)


SaharaTV: Peace Seen As Elections Begin In Zimbabwe

Lynsey Chutel, South African Journalist currently in Zimbabwe, describes the scene in the country on SaharaTV, as Zimbabwe begins 2013 elections. According to Chutel, "The AU chair was here, and she said she believes it will be a free and fair election." However, she also reports that a nervousness exist amongst journalists reporting on the elections.

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eNCA: Democracy brings little change to the home of the Freedom Charter

As President Jacob Zuma prepares to visit the site where South Africa's founding document, The Freedom Charter, was founded residents in the historic Kliptown township still live in conditions similar to those under the Apartheid regime.

Open uri20140314 19589 1jqhkn7 article

eNCA: Service Delivery Protest in Kya Sands

Fed up with living in one of Johannesburg's informal settlements with no water, electricity or a safe pathway for their children to use as they walk kilometers to school, the residents of Kya Sands block one of the city's main industrial arteries in protest over government's poor service delivery.